Uncover Your Home or Office After a Snowstorm

We offer residential and commercial roof ice dam removal

Remove Dangerous Snow and Ice From Your Roof

We provide snow and ice dam removal services in Minneapolis, MN

It's no secret that Minnesota can experience harsh, frozen winters and heavy snowfall. Don't risk roof or property damage to your home or office this season. Instead, turn to Nice Dam Guys in Minneapolis, MN. We provide safe and effective roof ice dam removal and prevention services for homes and businesses in our community. Day or night, we'll come out to remove snow and ice from your roof and keep your building secure.

Don't risk your safety-hire a professional

Climbing up on your roof to remove snow or ice dams can be dangerous. Before you climb up on your steep roof to shovel, reach out to for Nice Dam Guy's to:

  • Safely climb onto your roof and remove snow.
  • Make sure your chimney and attic vents are clear.
  • Remove ice dams without damaging your roof.

Keep yourself and your property safe. Contact Nice Dam Guys for prompt and efficient snow and roof ice dam removal services.

Featured Review


"Let me start of by saying that I'm from AZ. I had heard about this infamous ice dam issue that can occur but had no clue what that actually meant .... until I walked into my dining room this afternoon to find my bay window completely soaked! Naturally, I spazzed. I started calling around and Shawn was the third company I spoke with. To be honest with you, I was willing to go with whoever was able to get me in soonest. When I told Shawn that I needed their earliest appointment because water was coming into my window he simply made it happen (something that the other companies could not and would not do). I spoke with Shawn at about 4PM and by 4:45PM he had Brent at my house. Brent did an amazing job cleaning out the dam at the front of my house and above my other bay window at the back of my home. Brent was even nice enough to remove the ice that cover my front step! I greatly appreciate these guys' hard work and their willingness to help a fellow "neighbor" in need. I highly highly recommend them!"

-Justin H.